The selection of the correct wagons, taking into account the technology of rail networks and clearance gauge of the proposed rails, is particularly important for special oversize transports. Apart from the Deutsche Bahn, we can also offer you the technical advantages of some of the private wagon providers.

We completely manage the necessary applications, obtaining of permission, and itinerary testing on your behalf.

In order to keep you updated at all times, we supervise the whole transportation until it reaches the target station in the CIS. We also inform you about the current location of the wagons and the remaining distance to destination on a daily basis.

For your oversize transport we use low loaders in a range of different models and telescoping semitrailers. Apart from nonstop delivery we also offer multimodal transports through different German ports. We organise the application and obtaining of the required transport permission as well as escorts for the transports.

Together we will find the best transport solution for your needs and the optimal transport route for your loadings. To achieve this we are always happy to take the time for a detailed consultation.

In addition to the already mentioned transporters, we also use the following models:

  • Low loader 600 mm, extendable
  • Flatbed low loader 300 mm, extendable
  • Semitrailer 900 mm, extendable
  • Telescopic semitrailer, 30 m

Environment & Service

At Tunguska we care for our environment. We use clean and environmentally friendly technology combined with the latest in modern and futuristic technical expertise - in this way we will definitely find a great solution tailored to your needs. We utilise clever connections and combinations of different traffic carriers to find the most economic solution for your situation. Whether your goods have to be delivered into a remote area, or whether you are under time pressure or perhaps something essential has been overlooked - at Tunguska we welcome every challenge and look forward to offering you the best and most cost effective solutions to your specialised and unique delivery needs.